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Arras, Francesca (2019) Why a Learning City could be a Healthy City?
Why and how to bypass the rhetoric of innovative learning spaces, using the construct of the [urban] capability [sensitive design] approach.
Doctoral Thesis.

Avitabile, Elisabetta (2019) Nanotechnology: development of nanotools to counteract human diseases. Doctoral Thesis.


Bazzu, Paola (2019) Urbanismo tattico e strategie per l’abitare: nuovi strumenti per integrare la visione dei cittadini nei processi di trasformazione della città. Doctoral Thesis.

Buffa, Giovanna (2019) Use of by-products in dairy sheep nutrition. Doctoral Thesis.


Caggiu, Elisa (2019) Parkinson's disease: Immune System, infections and Alpha-synuclein protein. Doctoral Thesis.

Callea, Laura (2019) Asmara: analisi degli aspetti compositivi e cromatici dell’architettura per la conservazione del centro storico. Doctoral Thesis.

Cesarani, Alberto (2019) Application of genomic tools to breeding and to genetic structure studies in livestock populations. Doctoral Thesis.

Cossu, Rossella (2019) Utilization of information and communication technologies to monitor grazing behaviour in sheep. Doctoral Thesis.

Crivelli, Paola (2019) Aspetti radiomici del tumore mammario: studio di associazione tra signature radiomica ed istotipo. Doctoral Thesis.

Cutzu, Luisa (2019) Ritratto di un'autrice: il cinema di Gabriella Rosaleva. Doctoral Thesis.


Del Giudice, Liliana (2019) Wildfire spread simulation modeling for risk assessment and management in Mediterranean areas. Doctoral Thesis.

Diquattro, Stefania (2019) Chemical and biological recovery of soils contaminated with antimony using eco-friendly materials. Doctoral Thesis.


Erba, Laura Rosella (2019) Il confronto della tutela della persona disabile e a mobilità ridotta nel trasporto aereo, marittimo e terrestre. Doctoral Thesis.

Esposito, Giuseppe (2019) Detection of trace elements in the bivalve Ruditapes decussatus from Sardinian coastal lagoons: effects on food safety and pathological findings in target organs. Doctoral Thesis.


Fancello, Silvia (2019) Sviluppo di strategie per nuovi approcci terapeutici nelle malattie neurodegenerative. Doctoral Thesis.

Forgetta, Emanuela (2019) La Città e la casa: spazi urbani e domestici in Maria Aurèlia Capmany, Natalia Ginzburg, Elsa Morante e Mercè Rodoreda. Doctoral Thesis.

Frongia, Gian Nicola (2019) Caratteristiche del volo, condizione genetica, aspetti etologici-riproduttivi e condizione di stress nel grifone(Gyps fulvus) in Sardegna. Doctoral Thesis.


Genovese, Rachele (2019) La Wreck Removal Convention 2007: quadro normativo attuale e prospettive future. Doctoral Thesis.

Ginatempo, Francesca (2019) Facial motor system: voluntary and emotional control. Doctoral Thesis.


Kchour, Hiba (2019) Agriculture pollution in Lebanese rivers: influence of soil and sediment properties on pesticide persistence. Doctoral Thesis.


Lai, Giuseppina Grazia (2019) Ecological surveys for the valorization of spring environments of Sardinia: implications for their fruition and environmental protection. Doctoral Thesis.


Marchetti, Giuseppe (2019) In vitro and in silico studies of Syk inhibitors as new antimalarial drugs. Doctoral Thesis.

Marrosu, Roberto (2019) Investigation on lateral saturated soil hydraulic conductivity evaluated at different spatial scales in a Mediterranean hillslope. Doctoral Thesis.

Muggianu, Alessandra (2019) Partenariato pubblico-privato e patrimonio culturale. Doctoral Thesis.

Murtinu, Francesca (2019) Destinazioni 2.0 prospettive e pianificazione: il caso di Alghero. Doctoral Thesis.

Musu, Ester (2019) Comparison of effects on immunity and autoimmunity of impairment of SH2B3 gene function in human and mice. Doctoral Thesis.


Nguyen, Phuong Thao Tien (2019) HER2 sstatus and molecular subtypes of breast carcinoma in Central Vietnam. Doctoral Thesis.

Nicotra, Angelo Francesco (2019) Lo Statuto giuridico dell'impresa innovativa nell'ordinamento italiano. Doctoral Thesis.

Nieddu, Gavino (2019) Traditional foods towards product innovation: strategies to improve food safety and shelf-life of ricotta cheese. Doctoral Thesis.

Nieddu, Stefano Mario (2019) Metodologie innovative per la crioconservazione del germoplasma nella specie ovina. Doctoral Thesis.


Onano, Stefano (2019) The EQTLs Catalog and LinDA browser: a platform for determining the effects on transcription of GWAS variants. Doctoral Thesis.


Phan, Thang (2019) Molecular approach to early diagnosis of colonizing or invasive Candida in critically ill ventilated patients. Doctoral Thesis.

Piazza, Milena (2019) Una Ricerca Grounded Theory sul senso di appartenenza alla comunità professionale: la solitudine degli assistenti sociali. Doctoral Thesis.

Piras, Anna Rita (2019) Resveratrol supplementation during in vitro maturation: effect on the quality of oocyte in species of veterinary interest. Doctoral Thesis.

Piras, Laura Antonella (2019) L'Epistolario di Petrarca fra ars poetica e interpretazione. Doctoral Thesis.


Rosato, Giuseppina (2019) Profili giuridici delle piattaforme marine e delle operazioni offshore. Doctoral Thesis.


Saliba, Lea Cadi (2019) Safety aspects and beneficial features of lactobacilli isolated from Lebanese Baladi goat milk. Doctoral Thesis.

Seoni, Eleonora (2019) Potential use of tannin containing legumes in ruminant and monogastric nutrition. Doctoral Thesis.

Sotgiu, Elisabetta (2019) Oxidative stress in early stages of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Doctoral Thesis.

Sumbana, Jose Joao (2019) Phenotypic and molecular characterization of extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli and other Gram-negative invasive bacteria in Mozambique. Doctoral Thesis. Item availablity restricted.


Tamponi, Claudia (2019) Aggiornamenti sulle infezioni da protozoi negli ovini della Sardegna. Doctoral Thesis.


Wu, Lu (2019) A Cross-sectional study of diverse bacterial and fungal communities in different body habitats in Sardinian centenarians. Doctoral Thesis.


Zeng, Tiansheng (2019) Genomic landscape of local prostate cancer in Sardinia population. Doctoral Thesis.

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