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Alessandri, Giulio and Emanueli, Costanza and Madeddu, Paolo Roberto (2004) Genetically engineered stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 1015 (1), p. 271-284. eISSN 1749-6632. Article.


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Crisponi, Guido and Nurchi, Valeria Marina and Lachowicz, Joanna I. and Crespo-Alonso, Miriam and Zoroddu, Maria Antonietta and Peana, Massimiliano Francesco (2014) Alarming use of chelation therapy. In: ISMEC 2014: 25. International symposium on metal complexes, 8-12 giugno 2014, Pavia, Italia. [S.l.], ISMEC Group / Università degli Studi di Pavia. p. 45. (ISMEC Group Series, 4). ISSN 2239-2459. Conference or Workshop Item.

Cuspidi, Cesare and Negri, Francesca and Muiesan, Maria Lorenza and Grandi, Anna Maria and Lonati, Laura Maria and Ganau, Antonello and Degli Esposti, Daniela and Milan, Alberto and Sala, Carla and Facchetti, Rita and Mancia, Giuseppe (2011) Indexing cardiac parameters in echocardiographic practice: do estimates depend on how weight and height have been assessed? A study on left atrial dilatation. Journal of the American Society of Hypertension, Vol. 5 (3), p. 177-183. ISSN 1933-1711. eISSN 1878-7436. Article.


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Denti, Silvia (2012) Ruolo dei marcatori di danno d'organo subclinico nella stratificazione del rischio cardiovascolare: dall'imaging alle alterazioni funzionali. Doctoral Thesis.


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Sanna, Giuseppe Damiano (2017) Cardiac and vascular characteristics and gender-related modifications induced by ageing in the founder population of SardiNIA project (ProgeNIA). Doctoral Thesis.

Scicchitano, Pietro and Cameli, Matteo and Maiello, Maria and Modesti, Pietro Amedeo and Muiesan, Maria Lorenza and Novo, Salvatore and Palmiero, Pasquale and Saba, Pier Sergio and Pedrinelli, Roberto and Ciccone, Marco Matteo (2014) Nutraceuticals and dyslipidaemia: beyond the common therapeutics. Journal of functional foods, Vol. 6 , p. 11-32. ISSN 1756-4646. eISSN 2214-9414. Article.

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