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Badino, Guido and Calaforra, José María and Forti, Paolo and Garofalo, Paolo and Sanna, Laura (2011) The Present day genesis and evolution of cave minerals inside the Ojo de la Reina Cave (Naica Mine, Mexico). International Journal of Speleology, Vol. 40 (2), p. 125-131. ISSN 0392-6672. Article.

Beccaluva, Luigi and Bianchini, Gianluca and Mameli, Paola and Natali, Claudio (2013) Miocene shoshonite volcanism in Sardinia: implications for magma sources and geodynamic evolution of the central-western Mediterranean. Lithos, Vol. 180–181 , p. 128-137. ISSN 0024-4937. eISSN 1872-6143. Article.

Bonferoni, Maria Cristina and Cerri, Guido and de' Gennaro, Maurizio and Juliano, Claudia Clelia Assunta and Caramella, Carla (2007) Zn2+-exchanged clinoptilolite-rich rock as active carrier for antibiotics in anti-acne topical therapy: In-vitro characterization and preliminary formulation studies. Applied Clay Science, Vol. 36 (1-3), p. 95-102. ISSN 0169-1317. Article.

Bozzetti, Paolo and Canu, Alba and Demontis, Gonaria and Mameli, Paola and Oggiano, Giacomo (2004) Il Castrum bizantino di Oschiri: un caso di diagnostica e conservazione. Sardinia, Corsica et Baleares antiquae, Vol. 2 , p. 125-138. eISSN 1824-3568. Article.

Brundu, Antonio and Cerri, Guido (2015) Thermal transformation of Cs-clinoptilolite to CsAlSi5O12. Microporous and mesoporous materials, Vol. 208 , p. 44-49. ISSN 1387-1811. eISSN 1873-3093. Article.

Cabras, Salvatore and De Waele, Jo Hilaire Agnes and Sanna, Laura (2008) Caves and karst aquifer drainage of Supramonte (Sardinia, Italy): a review. Acta Carsologica, Vol. 37 (2), p. 227-240. ISSN 0583-6050. Article.

Carta, Luisa Assunta and Calcaterra, Domenico and Cappelletti, Piergiulio and Langella, Alessio (2005) The Stone materials in the historical architecture of the ancient center of Sassari: distribution and state of conservation. Journal of Cultural Heritage, Vol. 6 (3), p. 277-286. ISSN 1296-2074. Article.

D'Angeli, Ilenia Maria and Sanna, Laura and Calzoni, Claudio and De Waele, Jo Hilaire Agnes (2015) Uplifted flankmargin caves in telogenetic limestones in the Gulf of Orosei (Central-East Sardinia—Italy) and their palaeogeographic significance. Geomorphology, Vol. 231 , p. 202-211. ISSN 0169-555X. eISSN 1872-695X. Article.

De Gennaro, Roberto and Cappelletti, Piergiulio and Cerri, Guido and De Gennaro, Maurizio and Dondi, Michele and Langella, Alessio (2004) Zeolitic tuffs as raw materials for lightweight aggregates. Applied Clay Science, Vol. 25 (1-2), p. 71-81. ISSN 0169-1317. Article.

De Rosa, Beatrice Alba Lidia and Cultrone, Giuseppe (2014) Assessment of two clayey materials from northwest Sardinia (Alghero district, Italy) with a view to their extraction and use in traditional brick production. Applied clay science, Vol. 88–89 , p. 100-110. ISSN 0169-1317. eISSN 1872-9053. Article.

De Waele, Jo Hilaire Agnes and Martina, Mario L. V. and Sanna, Laura and Cabras, Salvatore and Cossu, Quirico Antonio (2010) Flash flood hydrology in karstic terrain: Flumineddu Canyon, central-east Sardinia. Geomorphology, Vol. 120 (3-4), p. 162-173. ISSN 0169-555X. Article.

Dondi, Michele and Cappelletti, Piergiulio and Cerri, Guido and De Gennaro, Maurizio and De Gennaro, Roberto and Langella, Alessio (2004) Zeolitic tuffs as raw materials for lightweight aggregates. Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 264-268 (2), p. 1431-1434. ISSN 1013-9826. Article.

Fuentes Alventosa, José Maria and Introzzi, Laura and Santo, Nadia and Cerri, Guido and Brundu, Antonio and Farris, Stefano (2013) Self-assembled nanostructured biohybrid coatings by an integrated ‘sol–gel/intercalation’ approach. RSC advances, Vol. 3 (47), p. 25086-25096. eISSN 2046-2069. Article.

Gavini, Elisabetta and Spada, Gianpiera and Rassu, Giovanna and Cerri, Guido and Brundu, Antonio and Cossu, Massimo and Sorrenti, Milena and Giunchedi, Paolo (2011) Development of solid nanoparticles based on hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin aimed for the colonic transmucosal delivery of diclofenac sodium. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Vol. 63 (4), p. 472-482. eISSN 2042-7158. Article.

Gázquez, Fernando and Calaforra, José María and Forti, Paolo and De Waele, Jo Hilaire Agnes and Sanna, Laura and Rull, Fernando and Sanz, Aurelio (2013) Corrosion of calcite crystals by metal-rich mud in caves: study case in Crovassa Ricchi in Argento Cave (SW Sardinia, Italy). Geomorphology, Vol. 198 , p. 138-146. ISSN 0169-555X. eISSN 1872-695X. Article.

Gázquez, Fernando and Calaforra, José María and Sanna, Laura and Forti, Paolo (2011) Espeleotemas de yeso: ¿Un nuevo proxy paleoclimático? = Gypsum speleothems: a new palaeoclimatic proxy? Real Sociedad Española de Historia Natural. Boletín. Sección Geológica, Vol. 105 (1-4), p. 15-24. ISSN 0583-7510. Article.

Gázquez, Fernando and Calaforra, José María and Stoll, Heather and Sanna, Laura and Forti, Paolo and Lauritzen, Stein-Erik and Delgado, Antonio and Rull, Fernando and Martínez-Frías, Jesús (2013) Isotope and trace element evolution of the Naica aquifer (Chihuahua, Mexico) over the past 60,000 yr revealed by speleothems. Quaternary Research, Vol. 80 (3), p. 510-521. ISSN 0033-5894. eISSN 1096-0287. Article.

Ghiglieri, Giorgio and Pittalis, Daniele and Cerri, Guido and Oggiano, Giacomo (2012) Hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of an alkaline volcanic area: the NE Mt. Meru slope (East African Rift – Northern Tanzania). Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Vol. 16 , p. 529-541. eISSN 1607-7938. Article.

Mameli, Paola and Mongelli, Giovanni and Oggiano, Giacomo and Rovina, Daniela (2014) First finding of early Medieval iron slags in Sardinia (Italy): a geochemical–mineralogical approach to insights into ore provenance and work activity. Archaeometry, Vol. 56 (3), p. 406-430. ISSN 0003-813X. eISSN 1475-4754. Article.

Mameli, Paola and Mongelli, Giovanni and Oggiano, Giacomo and Sinisi, Rosa (2008) Fe concentration in palaeosols and in clayey marine sediments: two case studies in the Variscan basement of Sardinia (Italy). Clay Minerals, Vol. 43 (4), p. 531-547. eISSN 1471-8030. Article.

Mecchia, Marco and Sauro, Francesco and Piccini, Leonardo and De Waele, Jo Hilaire Agnes and Sanna, Laura and Tisato, Nicola and Lira, Jesus and Vergara, Freddy (2014) Geochemistry of surface and subsurface waters in quartz-sandstones: significance for the geomorphic evolution of tepui table mountains (Gran Sabana, Venezuela). Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 511 , p. 117-138. ISSN 0022-1694. Article.

Mongelli, Giovanni and Boni, Maria and Buccione, Roberto and Sinisi, Rosa (2014) Geochemistry of the Apulian karst bauxites (southern Italy): chemical fractionation and parental affinities. Ore Geology Reviews, Vol. 63 , p. 9-21. ISSN 0169-1368. eISSN 1872-7360. Article.

Mongelli, Giovanni and Mameli, Paola and Oggiano, Giacomo and Sinisi, Rosa (2013) Generation of Ce anomalies in SW Sardinian Mn ores. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Vol. 133 , p. 42-49. ISSN 0375-6742. Article.

Mongelli, Giovanni and Mameli, Paola and Oggiano, Giacomo and Sinisi, Rosa (2012) Messinian palaeoclimate and palaeo-environment in the western Mediterranean realm: insights from the geochemistry of continental deposits of NW Sardinia (Italy). International Geology Review, Vol. 54 (8), p. 971-990. eISSN 1938-2839. Article.

Mongelli, Giovanni and Paternoster, Michele and Rizzo, Giovanna and Cristi Sansone, Maria Teresa and Sinisi, Rosa (2013) Trace element geochemistry of the Mt Vulture carbonatites, southern Italy. International geology review, Vol. 55 (12), p. 1541-1552. ISSN 0020-6814. eISSN 1938-2839. Article.

Oggiano, Giacomo and Mameli, Paola (2012) Tectonic and litho-stratigraphic controls on kaolin deposits within volcanic successions: insights from the kaoliniferous district of North-Western Sardinia (Italy). Ore Geology Reviews, Vol. 48 , p. 151-164. eISSN 1872-7360. Article.

Paolini-Saez, Hélène and Mameli, Paola (2004) Les Habitudes techniques des potiers sardes de 5500 à 4500 a.C. Studio archeologico e archeometrico su ceramiche sarde di età compresa tra il 5500 e il 4500 a.C. Sardinia, Corsica et Baleares antiquae, Vol. 2 , p. 9-20. eISSN 1824-3568. Article.

Paternoster, Michele and Sinisi, Rosa and Mancusi, C. and Pilat, Katarzyna and Sabia, A. and Mongelli, Giovanni (2014) Natural versus anthropogenic influences on the chemical composition of bulk precipitation in the southern Apennines, Italy: a case study of the town of Potenza. Journal of geochemical exploration, Vol. 145 , p. 242-249. ISSN 0375-6742. eISSN 1879-1689. Article.

Rassu, Giovanna and Soddu, Elena and Cossu, Massimo and Brundu, Antonio and Cerri, Guido and Marchetti, Nicola and Ferraro, Luca and Regan, Raymond F. and Giunchedi, Paolo and Gavini, Elisabetta and Dalpiaz, Alessandro (2015) Solid microparticles based on chitosan or methyl-β-cyclodextrin: a first formulative approach to increase the nose-to-brain transport of deferoxamine mesylate. Journal of controlled release, Vol. 201 , p. 68-77. ISSN 0168-3659. eISSN 1873-4995. Article.

Sanna, Laura and De Waele, Jo Hilaire Agnes and Calaforra, José María and Forti, Paolo (2015) Long-term erosion rate measurements in gypsum caves of Sorbas (SE Spain) by the Micro-Erosion Meter method. Geomorphology, Vol. 228 , p. 213-225. ISSN 0169-555X. eISSN 1872-695X. Article.

Sanna, Laura and Forti, Paolo and Lauritzen, Stein-Erik (2011) Preliminary U/Th dating and the evolution of gypsum crystals in Naica caves (Mexico). Acta Carsologica, Vol. 40 (1), p. 17-28. ISSN 0583-6050. Article.

Sauro, Francesco and De Waele, Jo Hilaire Agnes and Onac, Bogdan P. and Galli, Ermanno and Dublyansky, Yuri and Baldoni, Eleonora and Sanna, Laura (2014) Hypogenic speleogenesis in quartzite: the case of Corona 'e Sa Craba Cave (SW Sardinia, Italy). Geomorphology, Vol. 211 , p. 77-88. ISSN 0169-555X. eISSN 1872-695X. Article.

Sinisi, Rosa and Mameli, Paola and Mongelli, Giovanni and Oggiano, Giacomo (2012) Different Mn-ores in a continental arc setting: geochemical and mineralogical evidences from Tertiary deposits of Sardinia. Ore Geology Reviews, Vol. 47 , p. 110-125. eISSN 1872-7360. Article.

Sinisi, Rosa and Mongelli, Giovanni and Mameli, Paola and Oggiano, Giacomo (2014) Did the Variscan relief influence the Permian climate of Mesoeurope? Insights from geochemical and mineralogical proxies from Sardinia (Italy). Paleogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol. 396 , p. 132-154. ISSN 0031-0182. eISSN 1872-616X. Article.

Testone, Valeria and Longo, Vittorio and Bottacchi, Marta C. and Mameli, Paola (2014) Use of integrated geophysical methods to investigate a coastal archaeological site: the Sant'Imbenia Roman Villa (Northern Sardinia, Italy). Archaeological prospection , in press. eISSN 1099-0763. Article.

Uysal Ünalan, İlke and Cerri, Guido and Marcuzzo, Eva and Cozzolino, Carlo Alessio and Farris, Stefano (2014) Nanocomposite films and coatings using inorganic nanobuilding blocks (NBB): current applications and future opportunities in the food packaging sector. RSC advances, Vol. 4 (56), p. 29393-29428. eISSN 2046-2069. Article.

Conference or Workshop Item

Rovina, Daniela and Garau, Elisabetta and Mameli, Paola (2008) Attività metallurgiche presso l’insediamento tardo antico di Santa Filitica a Sorso: dati preliminari archeologici e archeometrici. In: L'Africa romana: le ricchezze dell’Africa: risorse, produzioni, scambi: atti del 17. Convegno di studio, 14-17 dicembre 2006, Sevilla, Spagna. Roma, Carocci editore. V. 4, p. 2673-2696: ill. (Collana del Dipartimento di Storia dell’Università degli studi di Sassari. N. S., 35.4; Pubblicazioni del Centro di studi interdisciplinari sulle Province romane dell’Università degli studi di Sassari, 35.4). ISBN 978-88-430-4833-5. Conference or Workshop Item.

Doctoral Thesis

Angrisani, Anna Claudia (2010) La Pietra di Cusano nell'architettura della Campania: qualità tecniche e prospettive di valorizzazione della risorsa. Doctoral Thesis.

Calia, Massimo (2011) Caratterizzazione tecnologica di una Pb-clinoptilolite. Doctoral Thesis.

Cesarano, Mara (2015) Mineralogical and geotechnical characterization of structurally complex formations invlved in the slow moving landlides affecting the Southern Apennine. Doctoral Thesis. Item availablity restricted.

Di Benedetto, Claudia (2012) Valutazione dei parametri petrofisici del Tufo giallo napoletano e della Pietra di Vicenza: indagini sperimentali finalizzate al recupero ed alla conservazione di materiali macroporosi. Doctoral Thesis.

Longo, Vittorio (2013) Prospecting of industrial minerals: a geophysical approach. Doctoral Thesis.

Papa, Luigi (2011) I Tufi vulcanici nel costruito storico: vulnerabilità e possibili trattamenti per la conservazione e il restauro. Doctoral Thesis.

Parlato, Luigi (2009) Caratterizzazione chimico-mineralogica e tecnologica di materiali naturali zeolitizzati e scarti industriali da impiegare per la realizzazione di ceramici tradizionali e ceramici avanzati. Doctoral Thesis.

Puccini, Antonio (2012) Radiometric methods in geological reconstruction, in the prospecting of georesources and evaluation of hazard. Doctoral Thesis.

Rapisardo, Gianmarco (2013) Post-emplacement minerogenetic processes in Upper Tufo Giallo della Via Tiberina (Latium): a mineralogical and volcanological approach. Doctoral Thesis.

Sanna, Laura (2009) Prospezione mineraria di litotipi zeolitizzati nel Logudoro orientale. Doctoral Thesis.

Sinisi, Rosa (2011) Iron and manganese accumulations in Sardinia: the role of supergenic and hydrothermal processes. Doctoral Thesis.

Testone, Valeria (2013) Integrated geophysical methods applied to some archaeological sites of North Sardinia. Doctoral Thesis.

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