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Andreucci, Stefano and Bateman, Mark D. and Zucca, Claudio and Kapur, Selim and Akşit, İhsan and Dunajko, Adam and Pascucci, Vincenzo (2012) Evidence of Saharan dust in upper Pleistocene reworked palaeosols of North-west Sardinia, Italy: palaeoenvironmental implications. Sedimentology, Vol. 59 (3), p. 917-938. eISSN 1365-3091. Article.

Andreucci, Stefano and Clemmensen, Lars B. and Murray, Andrew S. and Pascucci, Vincenzo (2010) Middle to late Pleistocene coastal deposits of Alghero, northwest Sardinia (Italy): chronology and evolution. Quaternary International, Vol. 222 (1-2), p. 3-16. ISSN 1040-6182. Article.

Andreucci, Stefano and Clemmensen, Lars B. and Pascucci, Vincenzo (2010) Transgressive dune formation along a cliffed coast at 75 ka in Sardinia, Western Mediterranean: a record of sea-level fall and increased windiness. Terra Nova, Vol. 22 (6), p. 424-433. eISSN 1365-3121. Article.

Andreucci, Stefano and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Clemmensen, Lars B. (2006) Upper Pleistocene coastal deposits of West Sardinia: a record of sea-level and climate change. GeoActa, Vol. 5 , p. 79-96. ISSN 1721-8039. Article.

Andreucci, Stefano and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Murray, Andrew S. and Clemmensen, Lars B. (2009) Late pleistocene coastal evolution of San Giovanni di Sinis, West Sardinia (Western Mediterranean). Sedimentary Geology, Vol. 216 (3-4), p. 104-116. ISSN 0037-0738. Article.


Cossu, Andrea Vito Luigi and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Ceccherelli, Giulia and Deluca, Michael and Chessa, Lorenzo Antonio (2010) Contribution to understanding the erosion processes in Alghero coast = Considerazioni sui fenomeni erosivi costieri del litorale di Alghero. Biologia marina mediterranea, Vol. 17 (1), p. 142-144. ISSN 1123-4245. Article.

Cossu, Andrea Vito Luigi and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Chessa, Lorenzo Antonio and Andreucci, Stefano and Deluca, Michael and Mura, F. and Pala, David (2011) Caratterizzazione fisiografica, geomorfologica e bionomica della Rias di Santa Teresa di Gallura: Sardegna nord-orientale = Physiographic, geomorphological and bionomic characterization of the Santa Teresa di Gallura Rias (N.E. Sardinia). Biologia marina mediterranea, Vol. 18 (1), p. 305-306. ISSN 1123-4245. Article.


De Jonge, Victor N. and Ozturk, Derya and Parker, Albert and Pascucci, Vincenzo (2014) Feature article: “Periodicities in mean sea-level fluctuations and climate change proxies: Lessons from the modelling for coastal management” by R.G.V. Baker and S.A. McGowan. Ocean & Coastal Management (in press). ISSN 0964-5691. Article.

Donda, Federica and Gordini, Emiliano and Rebesco, Michele and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Fontolan, Giorgio and Lazzari, Paolo and Mosetti, Renzo (2008) Shallow water sea-floor morphologies around Asinara Island (NW Sardinia, Italy). Continental Shelf Research, Vol. 28 (18), p. 2550-2564. ISSN 0278-4343. Article.


Guastaldi, Enrico and Baldoncini, Marica and Bezzon, Giampietro and Broggini, Carlo and Buso, Giampaolo and Caciolli, Antonio and Carmignani, Luigi and Callegari, Ivan and Colonna, Tommaso and Dule, Kujtim and Fiorentini, Giovanni and Kaçeli Xhixha, Merita and Mantovani, Fabio and Massa, Giovanni and Menegazzo, Roberto and Mou, Liliana and Rossi Alvarez, Carlos and Strati, Virginia and Xhixha, Gerti and Zanon, Alessandro (2013) A Multivariate spatial interpolation of airborne γ-ray data using the geological constraints. Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol. 137 , p. 1-11. ISSN 0034-4257. eISSN 1879-0704. Article.


López-Flores, Rocío and Quintana, Xavier D. and Romaní, Anna M. and Bañeras, Lluís and Ruiz-Rueda, Olaya and Compte Ciurana, Jordi and Green, Andy J. and Egozcue, Juan J. (2014) A Compositional analysis approach to phytoplankton composition in coastal Mediterranean wetlands: influence of salinity and nutrient availability. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Vol. 136 , p. 72-81. ISSN 0272-7714. eISSN 1096-0015. Article.


Pala, David and Cossu, Andrea Vito Luigi and Pischedda, E. and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Andreucci, Stefano and Ragazzola, Federica and Demelas, Simone and Sechi, Nicola (2009) Indagini preliminari su ripartizione e morfologia della prateria a Posidonia oceanica nella rada di Alghero = Preliminary investigations on distribution and morphology of a Posidonia oceanica meadow in the bay of Alghero. Biologia marina mediterranea, Vol. 16 (1), p. 286-287. ISSN 1123-4245. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo (2005) Neogene evolution of the Viareggio Basin, Northern Tuscany (Italy). GeoActa, Vol. 4 , p. 123-138. ISSN 1721-8039. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo (2005) The Tuscan shelf south of the Elba Island (Italy) as imaged by the Crop M12A line. Bollettino della Società geologica italiana, Vol. 3 , p. 167-178. ISSN 0037-8763. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Costantini, Armando and Martini, Ireneo Peter and Dringoli, Riccardo (2006) Tectono-sedimentary analysis of a complex, extensional, Neogene basin formed on thrust-faulted, northern Apennines hinterland: Radicofani basin, Italy. Sedimentary Geology, Vol. 183 (1-2), p. 71-97. ISSN 0037-0738. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Dallai , Luigi and Zhornyak, Lelya and Zanchetta, Giovanni (2010) An Eighteenth century tunnel as possible archives for paleoclimate studies. Quaternario = Italian Journal of Quaternary Sciences, Vol. 23 (2 bis), p. 299-310. ISSN 0394-3356. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Fontanesi, Gianfranco and Merlini, Saverio and Martini, Ireneo Peter (2001) Neogene Tuscan Shelf-Western Tuscany extension: evidences of the early post-compressional deposits (Tyrrhenian Sea- Northern Apennines, Italy). Ofioliti, Vol. 26 (2a), p. 187-196. ISSN 0391-2612. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Gibling, Martin R. and Williamson, Mark A. (2000) Late Paleozoic to Cenozoic history of the offshore Sydney Basin, Atlantic Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Science, Vol. 37 (8), p. 1143-1165. ISSN 1480-3313. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Gibling, Martin R. and Williamson, Mark A. (1999) Seismic stratigraphic analysis of Carboniferous strata on the Burin Platform, offshore Eastern Canada. Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology , Vol. 47 (3), p. 298-316. ISSN 0007-4802. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Martini, I. Peter and Endres, Anthony L. (2009) Facies and ground-penetrating radar characteristics of coarse-grained beach deposits of the uppermost Pleistocene glacial Lake Algonquin, Ontario, Canada. Sedimentology, Vol. 56 (2), p. 529-545. eISSN 1365-3091. Article.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Martini, I. Peter and Sagri, Mario and Sandrelli, Fabio (2007) Effects of transverse structural lineaments on the Neogene–quaternary basins of Tuscany (inner Northern Apennines, Italy). In: Nichols, Gary and Williams, Ed and Paola, Chris (eds). Sedimentary processes, environments and basins: a tribute to Peter Friend. Malden (MA), Blackwell Publishing. p. 155-182. (International Association of Sedimentologists. Special publication, 38). eISBN 978-1-444-30441-1. Book Section.

Pascucci, Vincenzo and Merlini, Saverio and Martini, Ireneo Peter (1999) Seismic stratigraphy of the Miocene–Pleistocene sedimentary basins of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea and western Tuscany (Italy). Basin Research, Vol. 11 (4), p. 337-356. eISSN 1365-2117. Article.


Satta, Cecilia Teodora and De Falco, Gianni and Lugliè, Antonella Gesuina Laura and Padedda, Bachisio Mario and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Sechi, Nicola (2008) Cisti di dinoflagellati in sedimenti a diversa granulometria nel Golfo di Olbia. In: 17. Congresso dell’Associazione italiana di oceanologia e limnologia: atti, 3-7 luglio 2006, Napoli, Italia. Pallanza, Associazione italiana di oceanologia e limnologia. p. 441-448. (Atti della Associazione italiana di oceanologia e limnologia, 19.2). Conference or Workshop Item.

Sechi, Daniele (2014) Reconstruction of the Sardinia North-West coast evolution: a chronologic and sedimentologic approach. Doctoral Thesis. Item availablity restricted.


Xhixha, Merita (2014) New gamma-ray spectrometry methods for estimating K, U, TH concentrations in rocks of the Sardinia batholith. Doctoral Thesis.


Zanchetta, Giovanni and Van Welden, Aurélien and Baneschi, Ilaria and Drysdale, Russell and Sadori, Laura and Roberts, Neil and Giardini, Marco and Beck, Christian and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Sulpizio, Roberto (2012) Multiproxy record for the last 4500 years from Lake Shkodra (Albania/Montenegro). Journal of Quaternary Science, Vol. 27 (8), p. 780-789. ISSN 0267-8179. Article.

Zucca, Claudio and Andreucci, Stefano and Shaddad, Sameh and Madrau, Salvatore and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Kapur, Selim (2012) Paleoenvironmental implications through the study of an Eemian paleosol in northwestern Sardinia (Italy). In: Soil science for the benefit of mankind and environment: Eurosoil 2012: 4. International congress of the European Soil Science Societies: Book of abstracts, 2-6 July, 2012, Bari, Italy. [S.l.], [European Confederation of Soil Science Societies]. p. 814. Conference or Workshop Item.

Zucca, Claudio and Sechi, Daniele and Andreucci, Stefano and Shaddad, Sameh and Deroma, Mario and Madrau, Salvatore and Previtali, Franco and Pascucci, Vincenzo and Kapur, S. (2014) Pedogenic and palaeoclimatic evidence from an Eemian calcrete in north-western Sardinia (Italy). European Journal of Soil Science, Vol. 65 (4), p. 420-435. ISSN 1351-0754. eISSN 1365-2389. Article.

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