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Maestrale, Caterina and Masia, Mariangela and Pintus, Davide and Lollai, Stefano and Kozel, Thomas R. and Gates-Hollingsworth, Marcellene A. and Cancedda, Giovanna Maria and Cabras, Pierangela and Pirino, Salvatore and D'Ascenzo, Vittoria and Ligios, Ciriaco (2015) Genetic and pathological characteristics of Cryptococcus gattii and Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans from meningoencephalitis in autochthonous goats and mouflons, Sardinia, Italy. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 177 (3-4), p. 409-413. ISSN 0378-1135. Article.


Busia, Gianluca and Mureddu, Anna and Mazza, Roberta and Meloni, Domenico and Consolati, Simonetta Gianna and Piras, Francesca and Burgess, Catherine M. and Duffy, Geraldine and Mazzette, Rina (2014) Detection of genes encoding for virulence and adherence factors in Escherichia coli isolated in slaughtered Sarda breed sheep. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 168 (1), p. 234-239. ISSN 0378-1135. eISSN 1873-2542. Article.


Onni, Toniangelo and Sanna, Giovanna and Larsen, Jesper and Tola, Sebastiana (2011) Antimicrobial susceptibilities and population structure of Staphylococcus epidermidis associated with ovine mastitis. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 148 (1), p. 45-50. eISSN 1873-2542. Article.


Savini, Giovanni and Cannas, Agnese and Casaccia, Claudia and Di Gialleonardo, Luigina and Leone, Alessandra and Patta, Cristiana and Nicolussi, Paola Sandra (2010) Risk factors associated with the occurrence of undesired effects in sheep and goats after field vaccination with modified-live vaccine against bluetongue virus serotypes 2, 4 and 16. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 146 (1-2), p. 44-50. eISSN 1873-2542. Article.

Onni, Toniangelo and Sanna, G. and Cubeddu, G. P. and Marogna, Gavino and Lollai, Stefano and Leori, Guido and Tola, Sebastiana (2010) Identification of coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from ovine milk samples by PCR–RFLP of 16S rRNA and gap genes. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 144 (3-4), p. 347-352. eISSN 1873-2542. Article.

Reina Arias, Ramsés and Bertolotti, Luigi and Dei Giudici, Silvia and Puggioni , Giantonella and Ponti, Nicoletta and Profiti, Margherita and Patta, Cristiana and Rosati, Sergio (2010) Small ruminant lentivirus genotype E is widespread in Sarda goat. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 144 (1-2), p. 24-31. eISSN 1873-2542. Article.


Grego, Elena and De Meneghi, Daniele and Alvarez, Vega and Benito, Alfredo A. and Minguijón, Esmeralda and Ortín, Aurora and Mattoni, Mario and Moreno, Bernardino and Pérez de Villarreal, Maider and Alberti, Alberto and Capucchio, Maria Teresa and Caporale, Marco and Juste, Ramón and Rosati, Sergio and De las Heras, Marcelo (2008) Colostrum and milk can transmit jaagsiekte retrovirus to lambs. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 130 (3-4), p. 247-257. ISSN 0378-1135. Article.

Alberti, Alberto and Robino, Patrizia and Chessa, Bernardo and Rosati, Sergio and Addis, Maria Filippa and Mercier, Pascale and Mannelli, Alessandro and Cubeddu, Tiziana and Profiti, Margherita and Bandino, Ennio and Thiery, Richard and Pittau, Marco (2008) Characterisation of Mycoplasma capricolum P60 surface lipoprotein and its evaluation in a recombinant ELISA. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 128 (1-2), p. 81-89. ISSN 0378-1135. Article.


Rosati, Sergio and Robino, Patrizia and Fadda, Manlio and Pozzi, Sarah and Mannelli, Alessandro and Pittau, Marco (2000) Expression and antigenic characterization of recombinant Mycoplasma agalactiae P48 major surface protein. Veterinary Microbiology, Vol. 71 (3-4), p. 201-210. ISSN 0378-1135. Article.

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