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Caronni, Sarah and Delaria, Maria Anna and Navone, Augusto and Panzalis, Pier Augusto and Sechi, Nicola and Ceccherelli, Giulia (2014) Relevant scales of variability of the benthic allochthonous microalga Chrysophaeum taylorii. Marine Biology, Vol. 161 (8), p. 1787-1798. ISSN 0025-3162. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.


Ceccherelli, Giulia and Pais, Antonio and Pinna, Stefania and Sechi, Nicola and Chessa, Lorenzo Antonio (2011) Human impact on Paracentrotus lividus: the result of harvest restrictions and accessibility of locations. Marine Biology, Vol. 158 (4), p. 845-852. ISSN 0025-3162. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.


Sanna, Daria and Addis, Alberto and Biagi, Francesca and Motzo, Costantino and Carcupino, Marcella and Francalacci, Paolo (2008) mtDNA control region and D-HPLC analysis: a method to evaluate the mating system in Syngnathidae (Teleostei). Marine Biology, Vol. 153 (3), p. 269-275. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.


Azzurro, Ernesto and Pais, Antonio and Consoli, Pierpaolo and Andaloro, Franco (2007) Evaluating day-night changes in shallow Mediterranean rocky reef fish assemblages by visual census. Marine Biology, Vol. 151 (6), p. 2245-2253. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.

Addis, Alberto and Biagi, Francesca and Floris, Antonello and Puddu, Emiliana and Carcupino, Marcella (2007) Larval development of Lightiella magdalenina (Crustacea, Cephalocarida). Marine Biology, Vol. 152 (3), p. 733-744. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.


Casu, Marco and Casu, Daniela and Lai, Tiziana and Cossu, Piero and Curini Galletti, Marco (2006) Inter-simple sequence repeat markers reveal strong genetic differentiation among populations of the endangered mollusc Patella ferruginea (Gastropoda: Patellidae) from two Sardinian marine protected areas. Marine Biology, Vol. 149 (5), p. 1163-1174. ISSN 1432-1793. Article.


Penna, Antonella and Garcés, Esther and Vila, Magda and Giacobbe, Maria Grazia and Fraga, Santiago and Lugliè, Antonella Gesuina Laura and Bravo, Isabel and Bertozzini, Elena and Vernesi, Cristiano (2005) Alexandrium catenella(Dinophyceae), a toxic ribotype expanding in the NW Mediterranean Sea. Marine Biology, Vol. 148 (1), p. 13-23. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.


Casu, Marco and Curini Galletti, Marco (2004) Sibling species in interstitial flatworms: a case study using Monocelis lineata (Proseriata: Monocelididae). Marine Biology, Vol. 145 (4), p. 669-679. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.


Maltagliati, Ferruccio and Peru, A. P. and Casu, Marco and Rossi, F. and Lardicci, Claudio and Curini Galletti, Marco and Castelli, Alberto (2000) Is Syllis gracilis (Polychaeta: Syllidae) a species complex? An allozyme perspective. Marine Biology, Vol. 136 (5), p. 871-879. eISSN 1432-1793. Article.

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