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Fozza, Claudio and Corda, Giovanna and Virdis, Patrizia and Contini, Salvatore and Barraqueddu, Francesca and Galleu, Antonio and Isoni, Antonella and Cossu, Antonella and Dore, Fausto and Careddu, Maria Giovanna and Bonfigli, Silvana and Giannico, Barbara Domenica and Longinotti, Maurizio Roberto (2014) Derangement of the T-cell repertoire in patients with B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. European Journal of Haematology (in press). eISSN 1600-0609. Article.

Pirastru, Monica and Mereu, Paolo and Trova, Sandro and Manca, Laura and Masala, Bruno Lucio (2014) A New unstable variant of the fetal hemoglobin HBG2 gene: Hb F-Turritana [Gγ64(E8)GlyAsp, HBG2:c.194G>A] found in cis to the Hb F-Sardinia gene [Aγ(E19)IleThr, HBG1:c.227T>C]. European journal of haematology, Vol. 92 (6), p. 510-513. ISSN 0902-4441. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.


Fozza, Claudio and Contini, Salvatore and Virdis, Patrizia and Galleu, Antonio and Massa, Antonella and Bonfigli, Silvana and Longinotti, Maurizio Roberto (2012) Patients with myelodysplastic syndromes show reduced frequencies of CD4+ CD8+ double-positive T cells. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 88 (1), p. 89-90. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.

Fozza, Claudio and Longinotti, Maurizio Roberto (2012) Are T-cell dysfunctions the other side of the moon in the pathogenesis of myelodysplastic syndromes? European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 88 (5), p. 380-387. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.


Cocco, Marco and Pardini, Simonetta and Podda, Luigi and Fozza, Claudio and Longinotti, Maurizio Roberto (2009) Prompt recovery of chemotherapy associated Hand-Foot syndrome treated with acetylsalicylic acid in two patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 82 (2), p. 164. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.

Pecci, Alessandro and Panza, Emanuele and De Rocco, Daniela and Pujol-Moix, Núria and Girotto, Giorgia and Podda, Luigi and Paparo, Carmelo and Bozzi, Valeria and Pastore, Annalisa and Balduini, Carlo L. and Seri, Marco and Savoia, Anna (2009) MYH9related disease: four novel mutations of the tail domain of myosin-9 correlating with a mild clinical phenotype. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 84 (4), p. 291-297. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.


Pardini, Simonetta and Fozza, Claudio and Contini, Salvatore and Rimini, Elena and Ottaviani, Emanuela E. and Amabile, Marilina and Rosti, Gianantonio and Longinotti, Maurizio Roberto (2008) A case of coexistence between JAK2V617F and BCR/ABL. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 81 (1), p. 75-76. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.


Masala, Bruno Lucio and Musino, Lorena and Pirastru, Monica and Manca, Laura (2004) The C→G transition in the α2-globin gene of a normal αα-chromosome is responsible for the Hb G-Philadelphia variant in Sardinians. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 72 (6), p. 437-440. Article.

Fozza, Claudio and Bellizzi, Saverio and Bonfigli, Silvana and Campus, Paola Maria and Dore, Fausto and Longinotti, Maurizio Roberto (2004) Cytogenetic and hematological spontaneous remission in a case of acute myelogenous leukemia. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 73 (3), p. 219-222. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.


Pistidda, Paola Matilde and Frogheri, Maria Laura and Guiso, Luciana and Manca, Laura and Dore, Fausto and Mura, L. and Longinotti, Maurizio Roberto (1997) Maximal γ-globin expression in the compound heterozygous state for –175 Gγ HPFH and β039 nonsense thalassaemia: a case study. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 58 (5), p. 320-325. eISSN 1600-0609. Article.

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