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Alberico, Elisabetta and Nielsen, Martin (2015) Towards a methanol economy based on homogeneous catalysis: methanol to H2 and CO2 to methanol. Chemical Communications, Vol. 51 (31), p. 6714-6725. eISSN 1364-548X. Article.


Chelucci, Giorgio Adolfo (2014) Stereospecific hydrodehalogenation of alkenyl bromides: a new approach to the synthesis of (E)-alkenes. Chemical Communications, Vol. 50 (31), p. 4069-4072. eISSN 1364-548X. Article.


Messori, Luigi and Scaletti, Federica and Massai, Lara and Cinellu, Maria Agostina and Gabbiani, Chiara and Vergara, Alessandro and Merlino, Antonello (2013) The Mode of action of anticancer gold-based drugs: a structural perspective. Chemical communications, Vol. 49 (86), p. 10100-10102. eISSN 0009-241X. Article.


Gabbiani, Chiara and Scaletti, Federica and Massai, Lara and Michelucci, Elena and Cinellu, Maria Agostina and Messori, Luigi (2012) Medicinal gold compounds form tight adducts with the copper chaperone Atox-1: biological and pharmacological implications. Chemical Communications, Vol. 48 (95), p. 11623-11625. eISSN 1364-548X. Article.


Manca, Paola and Pilo, Maria Itria and Sanna, Gavino and Zucca, Antonio and Bergamini, Giacomo and Ceroni, Paola (2011) Ru2+ complexes comprising terpyridine ligands appended with terthiophene chromophores: energy transfer and energy reservoir effect. Chemical Communications, Vol. 47 (12), p. 3413-3415. eISSN 1364-548X. Article.


Innocenzi, Plinio and Malfatti, Luca and Kidchob, Tongjit and Falcaro, Paolo and Cestelli Guidi, Mariangela and Piccinini, Massimo and Marcelli, Augusto Claudio (2005) Kinetics of polycondensation reactions during self-assembly of mesostructured films studied by in situ infrared spectroscopy. Chemical Communications, Vol. 18 , p. 2384-2386. eISSN 1364-548X. Article.


Cinellu, Maria Agostina and Minghetti, Giovanni and Stoccoro, Sergio and Zucca, Antonio and Manassero, Mario (2004) Reaction of gold(III) oxo complexes with alkenes: synthesis of unprecedented gold alkene complexes, [Au(N,N)(alkene)][PF6]: crystal structure of [Au(bipyip)(η2-CH2 CHPh)][PF6] (bipyip = 6-isopropyl-2,2 -bipyridine). Chemical Communications, Vol. 14 , p. 1618-1619. eISSN 1364-548X. Article.


Cinellu, Maria Agostina and Minghetti, Giovanni and Pinna, Maria Vittoria and Stoccoro, Sergio and Zucca, Antonio and Manassero, Mario (1998) The First gold(III) dinuclear cyclometallated derivatives with a single oxo bridge. Chemical Communications, Vol. 1998 (21), p. 2397-2398. eISSN 1364-548X. Article.

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