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Airoldi, Mario and Fazio, Massimo and Gandolfo, Sergio and Vercellino, Vittorio and Ozzello, Franca and Pedani, Fulvia and Camoletto, Davide and Negri, Luciano (1985) Combined cryosurgical, chemotherapeutic, and radiotherapeutic management of T1-4NOM0 oral cavity cancers. Cancer, Vol. 56 (3), p. 424-431. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Boccardo, Francesco and Rubagotti, Alessandra and Aldrighetti, Daniela and Buzzi, Franco and Cruciani, Giorgio and Farris, Antonio and Mustacchi, Giorgio and Porpiglia, Mauro and Schieppatti, Giorgio and Sismondi, Piero (2007) Switching to an aromatase inhibitor provides mortality benefit in early breast carcinoma : pooled analysis of 2 consecutive trials. Cancer, Vol. 109 (6), p. 1060-1067. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.

Baldinu, Paola and Cossu, Antonio and Manca, Antonella and Satta, Maria Paola and Pisano, Marina and Casula, Milena and Dessole, Salvatore and Pintus, Adriana and Tanda, Francesco and Palmieri, Giuseppe (2002) Microsatellite instability and mutation analysis of candidate genes in unselected Sardinian patients with endometrial carcinoma. Cancer, Vol. 94 (12), p. 3157-3168. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Comella, Pasquale and Natale, Donato and Farris, Antonio and Gambardella, Antonio and Maiorino, Luigi and Massidda, Bruno and Casaretti, Rossana and Tafuto, Salvatore and Lorusso, Vito and Leo, Silvana and Cannone, Michele (2005) Capecitabine plus oxaliplatin for the first-line treatment of elderly patients with metastatic colorectal carcinoma. Cancer, Vol. 104 (2), p. 282-289. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Ficarra, Vincenzo and Zattoni, Filiberto and Cosciani Cunico, Sergio and Prayer Galetti, Tommaso and Luciani, Lucio and Fandella, Andrea and Guazzieri, Stefano and Maruzzi, Daniele and Sava, Teodoro and Siracusano, Salvatore and Pilloni, Stefania and Tasca, Andrea and Martignoni, Guido and Gardiman, Marina and Tardanico, Regina and Zambolin, Tiziano and Cisternino, Antonio and Artibani, Walter (2005) Lymphatic and vascular embolizations are independent predictive variables of inguinal lymph node involvement in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the penis. Cancer, Vol. 103 (12), p. 2507-2516. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.

Ficarra, Vincenzo and Martignoni, Guido and Maffei, Nicola and Brunelli, Matteo and Novara, Giacomo and Zanolla, Luisa and Pea, Maurizio and Artibani, Walter (2005) Original and reviewed nuclear grading according to the Fuhrman system : a multivariate analysis of 388 patients with conventional renal cell carcinoma. Cancer, Vol. 103 (1), p. 68-75. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Gebbia, Vittorio and Mantovani, Glovanni and Farris, Antonio and Agostara, Biagio and Desogus, Alberto and Curreli, Luigi and Moschella, Francesco and Di Gregorio, Carlo and Bajetta, Emilio and Gebbia, Nicolò (1997) Vinorelbine, cisplatin, and 5-fluorouracil as initial treatment for previously untreated, unresectable squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck Results of a Phase II multicenter study. Cancer, Vol. 79 (7), p. 1394-1400. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Madeddu, Giuseppe and Langer, Maria and Dettori, Giuseppe Lorenzo and Costanza, C. (1980) Role of serum carcinoembryonic antigen in preoperative diagnosis of cancer in patients with thyroid nodules. Cancer, Vol. 45 (10), p. 2607-2610. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Palomba, Grazia and Pisano, Marina and Cossu, Antonio and Budroni, Mario and Dedola, Maria Filomena and Farris, Antonio and Contu, Antonio and Baldinu, Paola and Tanda, Francesco and Palmieri, Giuseppe (2005) Spectrum and prevalence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 germline mutations in Sardinian patients with breast carcinoma through hospital-based screening. Cancer, Vol. 104 (6), p. 1172-1179. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.

Passalacqua, Rodolfo and Caminiti, Caterina and Salvagni, Stefania and Barni, Sandro and Beretta, Giordano D. and Carlini, Paolo and Contu, Antonio Silverio and Di Costanzo, Francesco and Toscano, Lucia and Campione, Francesco (2004) Effects of media information on cancer patients' opinions, feelings, decision-making process and physician-patient communication. Cancer, Vol. 100 (5), p. 1077-1084. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.

Palmieri, Giuseppe and Manca, Antonella and Cossu, Antonio and Ruiu, Giovanni and Pisano, Marina and Cherchi, Pier Luigi and Dessole, Salvatore and Pintus, Adriana and Massarelli, Giovannino and Tanda, Francesco and Pirastu, Mario (2000) Microsatellite analysis at 10q25-q26 in Sardinian patients with sporadic endometrial carcinoma : identification of specific patterns of genetic alteration. Cancer, Vol. 89 (8), p. 1773-1782. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Strazzullo, Maria and Cossu, Antonio and Baldinu, Paola and Colombino, Maria and Satta, Maria Paola and Tanda, Francesco and De Bonis, Maria L. and Cerase, Andrea and D’Urso, Michele and D’Esposito, Maurizio and Palmieri, Giuseppe (2003) High-resolution methylation analysis of the hMLH1 promoter in sporadic endometrial and colorectal carcinomas. Cancer, Vol. 98 (7), p. 1540-1546. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.


Venturini, Marco and Durando, Antonio and Garrone, Ornella and Colozza, Maria Antonietta and Contu, Antonio Silverio and Stevani, Ilaria and Genta, Franco and Bighin, Claudia and Lambiase, Antonio and Del Mastro, Lucia (2003) Capecitabine in combination with docetaxel and epirubicin in patients with previously untreated, advanced breast carcinoma. Cancer, Vol. 97 (5), p. 1174-1180. eISSN 1097-0142. Article.

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