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Lorenzato, Annalisa and Biolatti, Marta and Delogu, Giuseppe and Capobianco, Giampiero and Farace, Cristiano and Dessole, Salvatore and Cossu, Antonio and Tanda, Francesco and Madeddu, Roberto Beniamino and Olivero, Martina and Di Renzo, Maria Flavia (2013) AKT activation drives the nuclear localization of CSE1L and a pro-oncogenic transcriptional activation in ovarian cancer cells. Experimental Cell Research, Vol. 319 (17), p. 2627-2636. ISSN 0014-4827. eISSN 1090-2422. Article.

Mattana, Antonella and Tozzi, Maria Grazia and Costa, Maria Luisa and Delogu, Giuseppe and Fiori, Pier Luigi and Cappuccinelli, Pietro Antonio (2001) By releasing ADP, Acanthamoeba castellanii causes an increase in the cytosolic free calcium concentration and apoptosis in wish cells. Infection and Immunity, Vol. 69 (6), p. 4134-4140. eISSN 1098-5522. Article.

Addis, Maria Filippa and Rappelli, Paola and Delogu, Giuseppe and Carta, Franco and Cappuccinelli, Pietro Antonio and Fiori, Pier Luigi (1998) Cloning and molecular characterization of a cDNA clone coding for Trichomonas vaginalis alpha-actinin and intracellular localization of the protein. Infection and Immunity, Vol. 66 (10), p. 4924-4931. eISSN 1098-5522. Article.

Muresu, Rosella and Polone, Elisa and Sulas, Leonardo and Baldan, Barbara and Tondello, Alessandra and Delogu, Giuseppe and Cappuccinelli, Pietro Antonio and Alberghini, Sara and Benhizia, Yacine and Benhizia, Hayet and Benguedouar, Ammar and Mori, Bruno and Calamassi, Roberto and Dazzo, Frank B. and Squartini, Andrea (2008) Coexistence of predominantly nonculturable rhizobia with diverse, endophytic bacterial taxa within nodules of wild legumes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, Vol. 63 (3), p. 383-400. eISSN 1574-6941. Article.

Sedda, Luigi and Delogu, Giuseppe and Dettori, Sandro (2011) Forty-four years of land use changes in a Sardinian cork oak agro-silvopastoral system: a qualitative analysis. The Open Forest Science Journal, Vol. 4 , p. 57-66. eISSN 1874-3986. Article.

Mattana, Antonella and Serra, Caterina and Delogu, Giuseppe and Mariotti, Elisabetta and Fiori, Pier Luigi and Cappuccinelli, Pietro Antonio (2006) Acanthamoeba castellaniipromotion of in vitro survival and transmission of coxsackie B3 viruses. Eukaryotic Cell, Vol. 5 (4), p. 665-671. eISSN 1535-9786. Article.

Rappelli, Paola and Carta, Franco and Delogu, Giuseppe and Addis, Maria Filippa and Dessì, Daniele and Cappuccinelli, Pietro Antonio and Fiori, Pier Luigi (2001) Mycoplasma hominisand Trichomonas vaginalis symbiosis: multiplicity of infection and transmissibility of M. hominis to human cells. Archives of Microbiology, Vol. 175 (1), p. 70-74. eISSN 1432-072X. Article.

Mattana, Antonella and Biancu, Giampiero and Alberti, Luisa and Accardo, Andrea and Delogu, Giuseppe and Fiori, Pier Luigi and Cappuccinelli, Pietro Antonio (2004) In Vitro evaluation of the effectiveness of the macrolide rokitamycin and chlorpromazine against Acanthamoeba castellanii. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Vol. 48 (12), p. 4520-4527. ISSN 0066-4804. eISSN 1098-6596. Article.

Cardil, Adrian and Salis, Michele and Spano, Donatella Emma Ignazia and Delogu, Giuseppe and Molina Terrén, Domingo (2014) Large wildland fires and extreme temperatures in Sardinia (Italy). iForest, Vol. 7 , p. 162-169. ISSN 1971-7458. Article.

Dessì, Daniele and Delogu, Giuseppe and Emonte, Eleonora and Catania, Maria Rosaria and Fiori, Pier Luigi and Rappelli, Paola (2005) Long-term survival and intracellular replication of Mycoplasma hominis in Trichomonas vaginalis cells: potential role of the protozoon in transmitting bacterial infection. Infection and Immunity, Vol. 73 (2), p. 1180-1186. eISSN 1098-5522. Article.

Kostić, Tanja and Weilharter, Alexandra and Rubino, Salvatore and Delogu, Giuseppe and Uzzau, Sergio and Rudi, Knut and Sessitsch, Angela and Bodrossy, Levente (2007) A Microbial diagnostic microarray technique for the sensitive detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria in a background of nonpathogens. Analytical Biochemistry, Vol. 360 (2), p. 244-254. ISSN 0003-2697. Article.

Mameli, Giuseppe and Poddighe, Luciana and Astone, Vito and Delogu, Giuseppe and Arru, Giannina and Sotgiu, Stefano and Serra, Caterina and Dolei, Antonina (2009) Novel reliable real-time PCR for differential detection of MSRVenv and syncytin-1 in RNA and DNA from patients with multiple sclerosis. Journal of Virological Methods, Vol. 161 (1), p. 98-106. eISSN 1879-0984. Article.

Fiori, Pier Luigi and Rappelli, Paola and Casu, Giuseppe and Delogu, Giuseppe and Turrini, Francesco Michelangelo and Cappuccinelli, Pietro Antonio (2000) A Pre-existing infection by Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium modulates anti-Cryptococcus neoformans and anti-Candida albicans activities in human macrophages. Microbial Pathogenesis, Vol. 29 (2), p. 93-100. eISSN 1096-1208. Article.

Delogu, Giuseppe and Pusceddu, Cinzia and Zanetti, Stefania Anna Lucia and Fadda, Giovanni (2003) Recent progress in the development of a new vaccine against tuberculosis. L'Igiene moderna, Vol. 119 (3), p. 161-168. ISSN 0019-1655. Article.

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