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Iaccarino, Ciro and Crosio, Claudia and Vitale, Carmine and Sanna, Giovanna and Carrì, Maria Teresa and Barone, Paolo (2007) Apoptotic mechanisms in mutant LRRK2-mediated cell death. Human Molecular Genetics, Vol. 16 (11), p. 1319-1326. eISSN 1460-2083. Article.

Crosio, Claudia and Valle, Cristiana and Casciati, Arianna and Iaccarino, Ciro and Carrì, Maria Teresa (2011) Astroglial inhibition of NF-κB does not ameliorate disease onset and progression in a mouse model for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). PLoS One, Vol. 6 (3), e17187. ISSN 1932-6203. Article.

Iaccarino, Ciro and Mura, Maria Elena and Esposito, Sonia and Carta, Franco and Sanna, Giovanna and Turrini, Francesco Michelangelo and Carrì, Maria Teresa and Crosio, Claudia (2011) Bcl2-A1 interacts with pro-caspase-3: implications for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neurobiology of Disease, Vol. 43 (3), p. 642-650. ISSN 0969-9961. Article.

Crosio, Claudia and Casciati, Arianna and Iaccarino, Ciro and Rotilio, Giuseppe and Carrì, Maria Teresa (2006) Bcl2a1 serves as a switch in death of motor neurons in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Cell Death and Differentiation, Vol. 13 (12), p. 2150-2153. eISSN 1476-5403. Article.

Reyniers, Lauran and Del Giudice, Maria Grazia and Civiero, Laura and Belluzzi, Elisa and Lobbestael, Evy and Beilina, Alexandra and Arrigoni, Giorgio and Derua, Rita and Waelkens, Etienne and Li, Yan and Crosio, Claudia and Iaccarino, Ciro and Cookson, Mark R. and Baekelandt, Veerle and Greggio, Elisa and Taymans, Jean-Marc (2014) Differential protein-protein interactions of LRRK1 and LRRK2 indicate roles in distinct cellular signaling pathways. Journal of Neurochemistry, Vol. 131 (2), p. 239-250. eISSN 1471-4159. Article.

Ferri, Alberto and Cozzolino, Mauro and Crosio, Claudia and Nencini, Monica and Casciati, Arianna and Butler Gralla, Edith and Rotilio, Giuseppe and Valentine, Joan Selverstone and Carrì, Maria Teresa (2006) Familial ALS-superoxide dismutases associate with mitochondria and shift their redox potentials. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 103 (37), p. 13860-13865. eISSN 1091-6490. Article.

Migheli, Rossana and Del Giudice, Maria Grazia and Spissu, Ylenia and Sanna, Giovanna and Xiong, Yulan and Dawson, Ted M. and Dawson, Valina L. and Galioto, Manuela and Rocchitta, Gaia Giovanna Maria and Biosa, Alice and Serra, Pier Andrea and Carri, Maria Teresa and Crosio, Claudia and Iaccarino, Ciro (2013) LRRK2 affects vesicle trafficking, neurotransmitter extracellular level and membrane receptor localization. PLoS One, Vol. 8 (10), e77198. eISSN 1932-6203. Article.

Sanna, Giovanna and Del Giudice, Maria Grazia and Crosio, Claudia and Iaccarino, Ciro (2012) LRRK2 and vesicle trafficking. Biochemical Society transactions, Vol. 40 (5), p. 1117-1122. eISSN 1470-8752. Article.

Cozzolino, Mauro and Pesaresi, Maria Grazia and Amori, Ilaria and Crosio, Claudia and Ferri, Alberto and Nencini, Monica and Carrì, Maria Teresa (2009) Oligomerization of mutant SOD1 in mitochondria of motoneuronal cells drives mitochondrial damage and cell toxicity. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, Vol. 11 (7), p. 1547-1558. eISSN 1557-7716. Article.

Posadino, Anna Maria and Cossu, Annalisa and Piga, Antonio <1965- > and Madrau, Monica Assunta and Del Caro, Alessandra and Colombino, Maria and Paglietti, Bianca and Rubino, Salvatore and Iaccarino, Ciro and Crosio, Claudia and Sanna, Bastiano and Pintus, Gianfranco (2011) Prune melanoidins protect against oxidative stress and endothelial cell death. Frontiers in Bioscience, Vol. E3 , p. 1034-1041. ISSN 1093-9946. Article.

Rassu, Mauro and Del Giudice, Maria Grazia and Sanna, Simona and Taymans, Jean-Marc and Morari, Michele and Brugnoli, Alberto and Frassineti, Martina and Masala, Alessandra and Esposito, Sonia and Galioto, Manuela and Valle, Cristiana and Carri, Maria Teresa and Biosa, Alice and Greggio, Elisa and Crosio, Claudia and Iaccarino, Ciro (2017) Role of LRRK2 in the regulation of dopamine receptor trafficking. PLoS One, Vol. 12 (6), e0179082. ISSN 1932-6203. Article.

Sanna, Vanna Annunziata and Pala, Nicolino and Dessì, Giuseppina and Manconi, Paola Maria and Mariani, Alberto and Dedola, Sonia and Rassu, Mauro and Crosio, Claudia and Iaccarino, Ciro and Sechi, Mario (2014) Single-step green synthesis and characterization of gold-conjugated polyphenol nanoparticles with antioxidant and biological activities. International journal of nanomedicine, Vol. 2014 (9), p. 4935-4951. ISSN 1176-9114. eISSN 1178-2013. Article.

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