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Datta, Amitabha and Das, Kuheli and Massera, Chiara and Clegg, Jack K. and Pfrunder, Michael C. and Garribba, Eugenio and Huang, Jui-Hsien and Sinha, Chittaranjan and Maji, Tapas Kumar and Akitsug, Takashiro and Oritag, Shingo (2015) A 2-D coordination polymer incorporating cobalt(II), 2-sulfoterephthalate and the flexible bridging ligand 1,3-di(4-pyridyl)propane. Inorganic chemistry frontiers, Vol. 2 (2), p. 157-163. eISSN 2052-1553. Article.

Das, Kuheli and Datta, Amitabha and Roy, Suman and Clegg, Jack K. and Garribba, Eugenio and Sinha, Chittaranjan and Kara, Hulya (2014) Doubly phenoxo-bridged M-Na (M = Cu(II), Ni(II)) complexes of tetradentate Schiff base: Structure, photoluminescence, EPR, electrochemical studies and DFT computation. Polyhedron, Vol. 78 , p. 62-71. ISSN 0277-5387. Article.

Datta, Amitabha and Clegg, Jack K. and Huang, Jui-Hsien and Pevec, Andrej and Garribba, Eugenio and Fondo, Matilde (2012) Hydroxo-bridged 1-D coordination polymer of Cu(II) incorporating with salicyladimine precursor: spectral and temperature dependent magneto structural correlation. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, Vol. 24 , p. 216-220. eISSN 1879-0259. Article.

Datta, Amitabha and Das, Kuheli and Massera, Chiara and Clegg, Jack K. and Sinha, Chittaranjan and Huang, Jui-Hsien and Garribba, Eugenio (2014) A Mixed valent heterometallic CuII/NaI coordination polymer with sodium–phenyl bonds. Dalton Transactions, Vol. 43 (14), p. 5558-5563. ISSN 1477-9226. Article.

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