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Piazzi, Luigi and Balata, David and Ceccherelli, Giulia and Cinelli, Francesco (2001) Comparative study of the growth of the two co-occurring introduced green algae Caulerpa taxifolia and Caulerpa racemosa along the Tuscan coast (Italy, western Mediterranean). Cryptogamie. Algologie, Vol. 22 (4), p. 459-466. ISSN 0181-1568. Article.

Pergent Martini, Christine and Leoni, V. and Pasqualini, V. and Ardizzone, Giandomenico and Balestri, Elena and Bedini, Roberto and Belluscio, Andrea and Belsher, Thomas and Borg, Joseph A. and Boudouresque, C.F. and Boumaza, Salima and Bouquegneau, Jean-Marie and Buia, Maria Cristina and Calvo, Sebastiano and Cebrian, J. and Charbonnel, Eric and Cinelli, Francesco and Cossu, Antonio and Di Maida, Germana and Dural, Berrin and Francour, Patrice and Gobert, Sylvie and Lepoint, G. and Meinesz, Alexandre and Molenaar, Heike and Mansour, H.M. and Panayotidis, Panayotis and Peirano, Andrea and Pergent, Gérard and Piazzi, Luigi and Pirrotta, M. and Relini, Giulio and Romero, Javier and Sánchez Lizaso, José Luis and Semroud, Rachid and Shembri, Patrick J. and Shili, A. and Tomasello, Agostino and Velimirov, Branko (2005) Descriptors of Posidonia oceanica meadows: use and application. Ecological Indicators, Vol. 5 (3), p. 213-230. eISSN 1872-7034. Article.

Ceccherelli, Giulia and Cinelli, Francesco (1998) Habitat effect on spatio-temporal variability in size and density of the introduced alga Caulerpa taxifolia. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 163 , p. 289-294. eISSN 1616-1599. Article.

Cinelli, Francesco and Fresi, Eugenio and Lorenzi, Caterina and Orel, Giuliano and Calvo, Sebastiano and Cossu, Andrea Vito Luigi and Matricardi, Giorgio and Colantoni, Paolo and Peirano, Andrea and Bianchi, N. and Mazzella, Lucia and Nascetti, Dino and Giannetti, Paolo and Mammucari, Guglielmo and Mucedola, Andrea (1995) Proposal of agreement upon cartographical parameters relevant to those Mediterranean areas characterised by coastal bentonic biocenosis. Rivista marittima (Supplemento), p. 253-254. ISSN 0035-6984. Article.

Ceccherelli, Giulia and Cinelli, Francesco (1999) The Role of vegetative fragmentation in dispersal of the invasive alga Caulerpa taxifolia in the Mediterranean. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 182 , p. 299-303. eISSN 1616-1599. Article.

Piazzi, Luigi and Ceccherelli, Giulia and Cinelli, Francesco (2001) Threat to macroalgal diversity: effects of the introduced green alga Caulerpa racemosa in the Mediterranean. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 210 , p. 149-159. eISSN 1616-1599. Article.

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