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Elhaik, Eran and Tatarinova, Tatiana and Chebotarev, Dmitri and Piras, Ignazio S. and Calò, Carla Maria and De Montis, Antonella and Atzori, Manuela and Marini, Monica and Tofanelli, Sergio and Francalacci, Paolo and Pagani, Luca and Tyler-Smith, Chris and Xue, Yali and Cucca, Francesco and Schurr, Theodore G. and Gaieski, Jill B. and Melendez, Carlalynne and Vilar, Miguel G. and Owings, Amanda C. and Gómez, Rocío and Fujita, Ricardo and Santos, Fabrício R. and Comas, David and Balanovsky, Oleg and Balanovska, Elena and Zalloua, Pierre and Soodyall, Himla and Pitchappan, Ramasamy and GaneshPrasad, ArunKumar and Hammer, Michael and Matisoo-Smith, Lisa and Spencer Wells, R. (2014) Geographic population structure analysis of worldwide human populations infers their biogeographical origins. Nature communications, Vol. 5 , Article 3513. eISSN 2041-1723. Article.

Capocasa, Marco and Anagnostou, Paolo and Bachis, Valeria and Battaggia, Cinzia and Bertoncini, Stefania and Biondi, Gianfranco and Boattini, Alessio and Boschi, Ilaria and Brisighelli, Francesca and Calò, Carla Maria and Carta, Marilisa and Coia, Valentina and Corrias, Laura and Crivellaro, Federica and De Fanti, Sara and Dominici, Valentina and Ferri, Gianmarco and Francalacci, Paolo and Franceschi, Zelda Alice and Luiselli, Donata and Morelli, Laura Cornelia Clotilde and Paoli, Giorgio and Rickards, Olga and Robledo, Renato and Sanna, Daria and Sanna, Emanuele and Sarno, Stefania and Sineo, Luca and Taglioli, Luca and Tagarelli, Giuseppe and Tofanelli, Sergio and Vona, Giuseppe and Pettener, Davide and Destro Bisol, Giovanni (2014) Linguistic, geographic and genetic isolation: a collaborative study of Italian populations. Journal of anthropological sciences, Vol. 92 . ISSN 1827-4765. eISSN 2037-0644. Article.

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