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Abbadessa, Giovanni and Accolla, Roberto and Aiuti, Fernando and Albini, Adriana and Aldovini, Anna and Alfano, Massimo and Antonelli, Guido and Bartholomew, Courteay and Bentwich, Zvi and Umberto, Bertazzoni and Berzofsky, Jay A. and Biberfeld, Peter and Boeri, Enzo and Buonaguro, Luigi and Buonaguro, Franco Maria and Bukrinsky, Michael and Burny, Arsène and Caruso, Arnaldo and Cassol, Sharon and Chandra, Prakash and Ceccherini-Nelli, Luca and Chieco-Bianchi, Luigi and Clerici, Mario and Colombini-Hatch, Sandra and De Giuli Morghen, Carlo and De Maria, Andrea and De Rossi, Anita and Dierich, Manfred and Dalla-Favera, Riccardo and Dolei, Antonina and Douek, Daniel and Erfle, Volker and Felber, Barbara and Fiorentini, Simona and Franchini, Genoveffa and Gershoni, Jonathan M. and Gotch, Frances and Green, Patrick and Greene, Warner C. and Hall, William and Haseltine, William and Jacobson, Stephens and Kallings, Lars O. and Kalyanaraman, Vaniambadi S. and Katinger, Hermann and Khalili, Kamel and Klein, George and Klein, Eva and Klotman, Mary and Klotman, Paul and Kotler, Moshe and Kurth, Reinhard and Lafeuillade, Alain and La Placa, Michelangelo and Lewis, Jonathan and Lillo, Flavia and Lisziewicz, Julianna and Lomonico, Anita and Lopalco, Lucia and Lori, Franco and Lusso, Paolo and Macchi, Beatrice and Malim, Michael and Margolis, Leonid and Markham, Phillip D. and Mcclure, Myra and Miller, Nancy and Mingari, Maria Cristina and Moretta, Lorenzo and Noonan, Douglas and O'Brien, Steve and Okamoto, Takashi and Pal, Ranajit and Palese, Peter and Panet, Amos and Pantaleo, Giuseppe and Pavlakis, George and Pistello, Mauro and Plotkin, Stanley and Poli, Guido and Pomerantz, Roger and Radaelli, Antonia and Robertguroff, Marjorie and Roederer, Mario and Sarngadharan, Mangalasseril G. and Schols, Dominique and Secchiero, Paola and Shearer, Gene and Siccardi, Antonio and Stevenson, Mario and Svoboda, Jan and Tartaglia, Jim and Torelli, Giuseppe and Tornesello, Maria Lina and Tschachler, Erwin and Vaccarezza, Mauro and Vallbracht, Angelika and Lunzen, Jan van and Varnier, Oliviero and Vicenzi, Elisa and Melchner, Harald von and Witz, Isaac and Zagury, Daniel and Zagury, Jean-Francois and Zauli, Giorgio and Zipeto, Donato (2009) Unsung Hero Robert C. Gallo. Science, Vol. 323 (5911), 206 -207. eISSN 1095-9203. Article.

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