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Aiello, Sebastiano and Ameli, Fabrizio and Amore, I. and Anghinolfi, M. and Anzalone, A. and Barbarino, G. and Battaglieri, M. and Bazzotti, M. and Bersani, A. and Beverini, N. and Biagi, S. and Bonori, M. and Bouhadef, B. and Brunoldi, M. and Cacopardo, G. and Capone, A. and Caponetto, L. and Carminati, G. and Chiarusi, T. and Circella, M. and Cocimano, R. and Coniglione, R. and Cordelli, M. and Costa, M. and D’Amico, A. and De Bonis, G. and De Marzo, C. and De Rosa, G. and De Ruvo, G. and De Vita, R. and Distefano, C. and Falchini, E. and Flaminio, V. and Fratini, K. and Gabrielli, A. and Galatà, S. and Gandolfi, E. and Giacomelli, G. and Giorgi, F. and Giovanetti, G. and Grimaldi, A. and Habel, R. and Imbesi, M. and Kulikovsky, V. and Lattuada, D. and Leonora, Emanuele and Lonardo, A. and Lo Presti, D. and Lucarelli, F. and Marinelli, A. and Margiotta, A. and Martini, A. and Masullo, R. and Migneco, E. and Minutoli, S. and Morganti, M. and Musico, P. and Musumeci, M. and Nicolau, C.A. and Orlando, A. and Osipenko, M. and Papaleo, R. and Pappalardo, V. and Piattelli, P. and Piombo, D. and Raia, G. and Randazzo, Nunzio and Reito, S. and Ricco, G. and Riccobene, G. and Ripani, M. and Rovelli, A. and Ruppi, M. and Russo, G.V. and Russo, S. and Sapienza, P. and Sciliberto, D. and Sedita, M. and Shirokov, E. and Simeone, F. and Sipala, Valeria and Spurio, M. and Taiuti, M. and Trasatti, L. and Urso, S. and Vecchi, M. and Vicini, P. and Wischnewski, R. (2010) Measurement of the atmospheric muon flux with the NEMO phase-1 detector. Astroparticle physics, Vol. 33 (4), p. 263-273. ISSN 0927-6505. Article.

Aiello, Sebastiano and Amore, A. and Anghinolfi, Marco and Battaglieri, Marco and Bersani, A. and Brunoldi, M. and Caponetto, L. and De Vita, R. and Fratini, K. and Grimaldi, Anna and Kulikovskiy, V. and Leonora, Emanuele and Lo Presti, Domenico and Mini, G. and Minutoli, S. and Musico, P. and Osipenko, M. and Ottonello, G. and Piombo, D. and Randazzo, Nunzio and Ricco, G. and Ripani, M. and Rottura, A. and Russo, G.V. and Savasta, A. and Sciliberto, D. and Shirokov, E. and Sipala, Valeria and Taiuti, Mauro and Urso, S. and Zavatarelli, Sandra (2009) A New multianodic large area photomultiplier to be used in underwater neutrino detectors. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, Vol. 605 (3), p. 293-300. ISSN 0168-9002. Article.

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