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Vang, Torkel and Congia, Mauro and Macis, Maria Doloretta and Musumeci, Lucia and Orrù, Valeria and Zavattari, Patrizia and Nika, Konstantina and Tautz, Lutz and Taskén, Kjetil and Cucca, Francesco and Mustelin, Tomas and Bottini, Nunzio (2005) Autoimmune-associated lymphoid tyrosine phosphatase is a gain-of-function variant. Nature Genetics, Vol. 37 (12), p. 1317-1319. eISSN 1546-1718. Article.

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Zoledziewska, Magdalena and Perra, Chiara and Orrù, Valeria and Moi, Loredana and Frongia, Anna Paola and Congia, Mauro and Bottini, Nunzio and Cucca, Francesco (2008) Further evidence of a primary, causal association of the PTPN22 620W variant with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes, Vol. 57 (1), p. 229-234. ISSN 0012-1797. Article.

Bottini, Nunzio and Magrini, Andrea and Cosmi, Erich and Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia and Saccucci, Patrizia and Di Iorio, Romolo and Bergamaschi, Antonio and Bottini, Egidio (2004) Genetics of signal transduction and the effect of maternal smoking on sex ratio of offspring. American Journal of Human Biology, Vol. 16 (5), p. 588-592. eISSN 1520-6300. Article.

Bottini, Nunzio and Meloni, Gianfranco and Borgiani, Paola and Giorgini, Angela and Buzzetti, Raffaella and Pozzilli, Paolo and Lucarelli, Paola and Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia (2002) Genotypes of cytosolic low-molecular-weight protein-tyrosine-phosphatase correlate with age at onset of type 1 diabetes in a sex-specific manner. Metabolism, Vol. 51 (4), p. 419-422. ISSN 0026-0495. Article.

Bottini, Nunzio and Meloni, Gianfranco and Lucarelli, Paola and Amante, A. and Saccucci, Patrizia and Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia and Bottini, Egidio (2004) Risk of type 1 diabetes in childhood and maternal age at delivery, interaction with ACPI and sex. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, Vol. 21 , p. 353-358. eISSN 1520-7560. Article.

Bottini, Nunzio and Vang, Torkel and Cucca, Francesco and Mustelin, Tomas (2006) Role of PTPN22 in type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Seminars in Immunology, Vol. 18 (4), p. 207-213. ISSN 1044-5323. Article.

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