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Addessi, William and Saltari, Enrico and Tilli, Riccardo (2014) R&D, innovation activity, and the use of external numerical flexibility. Economic modelling, Vol. 36 , p. 612-621. ISSN 0264-9993. eISSN 1873-6122. Article.

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Amadori, Marta (2014) La Gestione strategica nel sistema universitario italiano: aspetti teorici ed evidenze empiriche. Doctoral Thesis. Item availablity restricted.

Antoci, Angelo and Borghesi, Simone (2012) Preserving or escaping? On the welfare effects of environmental self-protective choices. The Journal of Socio-Economics, Vol. 41 (2), p. 248-254. eISSN 1879-1239. Article.

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Antoci, Angelo and Fiori Maccioni, Alessandro and Russu, Paolo (2014) The Ecology of defensive medicine and malpractice litigation. , UNSPECIFIED. p. 12 Working Paper. Item availablity restricted.

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Arru, Brunella (2014) La Responsabilità sociale delle imprese: analisi, rendicontazione ed effetti delle performance sociali sulle performance finanziarie. Doctoral Thesis. Item availablity restricted.


Baschieri, Giulia and Carosi, Andrea and Mengoli, Stefano (2010) La Geografia delle società quotate italiane e potenziali effetti sui valori di borsa: "azioni e buoi dei paesi tuoi". Banca Impresa Società, Vol. 29 (1), p. 145-174. ISSN 1120-9453. Article.

Battino, Silvia and Borruso, Giuseppe and Donato, Carlo (2012) Analyzing the central business district: the case of Sassari in the Sardinia Island. In: ICCSA 2012: 12. International Conference on Computational Science and its applications: proceedings: part II, 18-21 June 2012, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Berlin - Heidelberg, Springer. p. 624-639. (Lecture notes in computer science, 7334/2012). ISSN 0302-9743. ISBN 978-3-642-31074-4. eISBN 978-3-642-31075-1. Conference or Workshop Item.

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Brida, Juan Gabriel and Meleddu, Marta and Pulina, Manuela (2012) Understanding urban tourism attractiveness: the case of the archaeological Ötzi museum in Bolzano. Journal of travel research, Vol. 51 (6), p. 730-741. eISSN 1552-6763. Article.

Brida, Juan Gabriel and Pulina, Manuela and Riaño, Eugenia and Zapata-Aguirre, Sandra (2012) Cruise passengers’ experience embarking in a Caribbean home port: the case study of Cartagena de Indias. Ocean & Coastal Management, Vol. 55 , p. 135-145. eISSN 1873-524X. Article.

Bussu, Anna and Detotto, Claudio and Sterzi, Valerio (2012) Social conformity and suicide. Cagliari, CRENoS-CUEC. p. 28 (Working Papers CRENoS, 2012, 7). ISBN 978-88-84-67-731-0. Working Paper.

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Del Chiappa, Giacomo and Ladu, Maria Gabriela and Meleddu, Marta and Pulina, Manuela (2012) Analysing the factors influencing visitors' satisfaction at a museum: the role of socio-demographic characteristics, motivations and visit experience. Mercati e competitività, Vol. 4 , p. 17-32. ISSN 1972-4861. Article.

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Versini, Giuseppe and Franco, Mario Andrea and Moser, Sergio and Manca, Gavina (2012) Characterisation of pear distillates from wild and cultivated varieties in Sardinia. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, Vol. 47 (12), p. 2519-2531. eISSN 1365-2621. Article.

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